Panta Rhea Foundation | Food & Democracy
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Food & Democracy

Photo credit: National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
The Food & Democracy Program holds a vision of food systems that foster thriving communities, promote dignity and equity, and regenerate natural resources. 


We work toward this vision by supporting transformative change that addresses the root causes of inequity, ill health, and environmental destruction within the food system. We focus on supporting system-changing campaigns, long-term movement building, and communications strategy


Our grantees include organizations and movement leaders who are catalyzing the bold change needed to transform the food system from a culprit of interlocking crises—from the climate crisis to environmental degradation, from chronic disease to growing corporate power and inequality—to a key part of the solutions.
We focus on three core strategies:


  • Supporting urgent and impactful campaigns creating a more healthy, fair and sustainable food system and use a “cluster funding” model to invest in national, anchor groups alongside boots-on-the-ground grassroots organizations.
  • Funding long-term movement building, helping to grow and strengthen key groups, including advocacy organizations in California (a key agricultural state) and nationally. As part of this work, we also focus on leadership development and movement building coalitions.
  • Investing in communications—from investigative journalism to narrative building initiatives—to shape public awareness about the impacts of industrial agriculture and the proven potential of agroecology and sustainable agriculture solutions.


Our vision is a future where all people have access to healthy, life-serving food, where food producers and workers are valued, and where our food system is a source of equity, environmental sustainability, and health.

We are particularly proud of our partnerships with the following institutions: 
We are also active members of the the Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Funders Network