Campaign for Good Food Purchasing & Food Chain Workers Alliance
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Campaign for Good Food Purchasing & Food Chain Workers Alliance

Food & Democracy

The Good Food Purchasing Program helps cities and school districts leverage the power of their public dollars for Good Food, equity, and transparency along the food chain.

Cities and school districts spend billions of dollars of public money every year on food. These choices have a huge impact on everything from public health to local economies to animal welfare. But in most places food purchasing decisions are based on the cheapest bids—not the best ones. From a foundation that prioritizes equity, transparency, and accountability, the Program focuses on how to make changes in five core values: strong local economies, protecting the environment, worker rights, animal welfare, and nutrition. Unfolding nationwide is a campaign for Good Food Cities based on this innovative policy led by the Center for Good Food Purchasing and the Food Chain Workers Alliance.


The first Program passed in Los Angeles School District in 2012 and is spreading to cities and school districts across the country, with over 40 institutions enrolled and coalitions actively organizing in over 15 cities. We are excited by the incredible potential of these campaigns to build power at the community-level, to generate revenue streams toward the kind of food system we want to create and to change the public conversation about good food.

There is tremendous interest in the Good Food Purchasing Program across the country. We are on track to hit a near-term goal of influencing $1 billion a year in public dollars spent on ‘good food’—that’s 2.3 million meals every single day.

–Alexa Delwiche, Center for Good Food Purchasing