Resilience & Renewal
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Resilience & Renewal is built on the bedrock understanding that change is constant, that “all things flow, all things change,” and that embedded in the change process is the opportunity for learning and growth. As a cornerstone of Panta Rhea’s Foundation commitment to investing in the ongoing development and growth of our core partners, Resilience & Renewal mobilizes resources to grantee partners for organizational learning, capacity building, leadership development, and transformation.


R&R is an investment in people—organizers, activists, visionaries, and movement builders—who are leading organizations in Panta Rhea’s Food Sovereignty and People Power Fund portfolios. R&R supports these leaders—and their organizations and networks—by funding their chosen path for learning and development, including any combination of coaching, consulting, training, investing in infrastructure, or taking time for retreat and reflection.


Our staff support grantees partners’ individual and organizational learning and development efforts by engaging in confidential conversations with grantee partners to explore their organization’s needs and priorities, vetting potential coach/consultant resources for grantee partners, and facilitating reflection conversations at the midpoint and close of grantee partners’ engagements to surface learning and lasting organizational change.


We trust our grantee partners and the years long relationships we have with leaders who we’ve learned from as they engaged in R&R. In the context of the global pandemic, grantee partners have taught us as they have stretched and adapted their programs, organizing strategies, and campaigns. We’ve seen how additional general operating funds have been needed to keep people safe and the work strong; ongoing equity transformations across alliances needed fuel, especially now; planned critical leadership transitions had to plow forward, all the more urgent. Thus, R&R has continuously adapted our approach to respond with vital resources for the fields in which we fund.

2022 UPDATE:

After nearly a decade helping to shape Panta Rhea’s organizational strategies and steward its Resilience & Renewal grantmaking, long-time consultant and staff member Ann Dowley stepped down in late 2021. During her time with Panta Rhea, Ann’s contributions strengthened and transformed countless networks, grantee partner organizations, and individual leaders. Although Ann’s formal role with the foundation sunsetted, we remain just as committed to R&R grantmaking in support of our mission and partnerships.


In 2022, we’ll continue evolving our approach and expanding the types of support we can offer to partner organizations. Towards that end, we launched a partnership with The LeadersTrust, to invest deeply in the leadership and organizational capacity of our nonprofit partners.


“We have just come out of a really productive virtual board and member movement-building committee retreat, facilitated by two amazing much of our collective planning for 2021 has been sharpened with their support... We've been grateful to have access to this really rich resource thanks to the R&R grant.” -SONIA SINGH, FCWA CO-DIRECTOR


R&R invests in the well-being and support of organizers by funding Windcall, among other programs, who through their offerings nurture organizers and movement work.