Resilience & Renewal
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Resilience & Renewal is built on the bedrock understanding—and Panta Rhea’s namesake—that “all things flow, all things change.” And while change is constant, embedded in the change process is the opportunity for learning and growth. Panta Rhea is committed to investing in the ongoing development and growth of our core partners by mobilizing resources to grantee partners for organizational learning and planning, operational and financial sustainability, staff wellbeing, governance and leadership development, and other organizational development support.

Resilience & Renewal is an investment in people—organizers, activists, visionaries, and movement builders—who are leading organizations across the Foundation’s grantmaking programs. R&R supports these leaders, their organizations and their networks by funding their chosen path for learning, wellbeing, and development. This often includes a combination of coaching, consulting, training, infrastructure strengthening, and/or taking time for retreat and reflection. It is through our core belief of centering the wellbeing of the institution and its people that we look to co-design and offer a comprehensive package of financial and non-financial resources to our partners.


Through confidential conversations with Panta Rhea staff and/or consultants, grantee partners define their needs and priorities, vet potential coach/consultant candidates, and identify other resources helpful to surface learning opportunities and lasting organizational sustainability. Our partners receive a range of proactive and responsive financial, coaching, and consulting support, which can include individual and organizational learning, wellbeing, or support for ongoing equity, infrastructure, and operational transformations such as to facilitate leadership transitions or to help keep people safe and their work strong.


For nearly a decade, Ann Dowley helped to shape Panta Rhea’s organizational strategies and steward its Resilience & Renewal grantmaking. Until her departure from Panta Rhea in 2020, Ann’s contributions strengthened and transformed countless networks, grantee partner organizations, and individual leaders. In late 2022, Panta Rhea appointed Amalia Brindis Delgado as its first Chief Strategy Officer to lead the R&R program as well as facilitate Panta Rhea’s strategic design, organizational development, and partner investments.  At the end of 2022, we piloted a partnership with The LeadersTrust as one of our ways to offer leadership and organizational capacity to our US-based nonprofit partners.


As our partners continue to face an ever-changing political, social, and economic context, they have stretched and adapted their programs, organizing strategies, and campaigns with boldness and creativity. We have learned alongside their journey to continue to inform and adapt the R&R program.


Moving forward, we will continue to take direction from our grantee partners and networks on how our R&R support can best strengthen the individual and collective sustainability and leadership of our grantee partners. As Panta Rhea’s partnerships grow and evolve in the Caribbean and across the Americas, we also seek to deepen our learning and evolve our partnership approaches in those ecosystems, complementing the local landscape and resources available.