Deeper Learning & Creativity
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Deeper Learning & Creativity

Please note after 10 years supporting organizations within this portfolio,
this program is sunsetting at the end of 2020.


It has been an honor to work with these organizations
so deeply committed to educational excellence and equity.


Photo credit:  Magnum Foundation
The Deeper Learning & Creativity Program is guided by a vision of public education as a foundation for building democratic skills and practice, and as one that is inclusive and equitable for the diversity of learners who are our nation’s students. We support community-based organizations to help young people and teachers make meaning of their world through developing multiple literacies through engagement with and through the arts and other project-based learning methodologies.
We focus on two core strategies:

Our first strategy is guided by data-driven research showing professional development as a key indicator for student success. We support professional and curriculum development efforts including project-based learning practices that nurture 21st-century skills including creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and empathy.


Our second strategy is guided by two decades of research demonstrating that high-quality arts integration is critical to closing the achievement gap, preventing school dropout and cultivating a more inclusive social culture. We support opportunities for shared learning and organizing and for deeper collective impact strategies for 21st-century learning in the state of California.


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