Dignity, Freedom & Solidarity
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Dignity, Freedom & Solidarity

Please note that the Panta Rhea Foundation board approved
a significant increase of funds into this portfolio for 2019 and 2020.


Jason Franklin is our program advisor for this portfolio.

Panta Rhea’s DFS program (2018-2020) focused funding on visionary leaders, organizations, and movements to organize and mobilize in pursuit of social justice. DFS grantees spanned a range of identities, issues, and communities. In 2020 alone, they adapted to a global health pandemic, racial justice uprisings, economic recession, and new threats to democratic and human rights. We’re learning from and with them as they meet the high-stakes moment by collaborating more deeply, experimenting with new approaches, and crafting new cultural narratives. They inspire us with their impact and resiliency, and an unwavering focus on our shared future.

Co-designed by Panta Rhea’s staff and advised by Jason Franklin of Ktisis Capital, DFS also supported independent media and investigative journalism. Panta Rhea continues to evolve the Foundation’s grantmaking strategies in light of these partnerships, and is honored to have contributed to DFS grantees’ success.


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