Panta Rhea Foundation | Resilience & Renewal
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Resilience & Renewal

The Panta Rhea Foundation invests in the on-going development and growth of its core grantees and views this investment as integral to its grantmaking and approach to philanthropy. R&R provides coaching and financial resources to grantees so that they may engage successfully in ongoing learning, capacity building, leadership development and organization transformation. R&R staff serve as stewards to grantees’ learning and development. Staff engage grantees in initial organization assessments, leadership coaching, vetting qualified coach/consultant resources and scopes of work, and reflection and learning conversations.


Core to R&R is a commitment to the learning process and its need for safety and trust. R&R maintains strict confidentiality—a firewall—between Panta Rhea program directors and R&R staff and grantees in order to nurture an effective learning environment.


Note: Because of the confidential nature of this work, we don’t share representative grants.