Panta Rhea Foundation | Dignity, Freedom & Solidarity
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Dignity, Freedom & Solidarity

Please note that the Panta Rhea Foundation board approved
a significant increase of funds into this portfolio for 2019 and 2020.


Jason Franklin is our program advisor for this portfolio.

The Dignity, Freedom & Solidarity program is a cross-program strategic initiative focused on community organizing, mobilization and advocacy for a just society for all. The program includes support for independent media and investigative journalism for their critical role in providing information to the public and amplifying social movements.

The groups we support in this initiative are engaged in organizing on an extensive array of social justice issues and building the capacity to expand their membership and engage a wider diversity of people in activism and civic engagement. They are developing new strategies to assess, address and respond to the current political landscape and challenges, including confronting the rollback of decades of hard-fought struggles and progress towards civil rights, women’s rights and immigrant rights. Many of these organizations are collaborating with each other in new ways, developing deeper political education and leadership development and working to impact cultural narratives.