Photo credit: Sipa USA via AP
Panta Rhea Foundation invests in grassroots communities to catalyze a just and sustainable world. Our People Power Fund strengthens democracy, tackles climate change and reshapes the economy through social movements for structural change.

At Panta Rhea we believe that people, planet, and power must thrive in balance for a just and sustainable world. Thus we see it as mission-critical to strengthen democracy in service of our common good and shared future.


This intention guided our Dignity, Freedom, & Solidarity (DFS) initiative from 2018-2020. Through DFS, we supported grassroots community organizing, movement-building and storytelling across the United States that contributed to record voter turnout in 2020’s national election. As DFS continued through 2020’s dramatic election season, the need for ongoing investment in democracy was clear.


Protecting and expanding civic participation, making bold public policy bets, and bridging polarized politics remain essential. In this spirit we launched a People Power Fund in late 2020. This fund supports charitable, non-partisan efforts directly, and through values-aligned collaboratives and movement infrastructure partners.


Given historical and present-day resource inequities, we partner primarily with black, indigenous, recent immigrant and cross-racial movements who have long been on the frontlines of social justice struggles. Through this ongoing commitment to strengthening grassroots people power, we aim to co-create a future where all our voices have power, and our planet thrives.



Athena is a grassroots national alliance ensuring that our economy puts people first, that no corporation is above the law or too big to govern — and that our democracy represents all of us. (Photo courtesy of the Athena Coalition.)


The Green New Deal Network is a movement to create millions of family-sustaining union jobs, ensure racial and gender equity, and act on climate change at the scale and scope the crisis demands. (Photo: AP Photo/Richard Vogel)