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Panta Rhea’s People Power Fund supports grassroots mobilization, public policy advocacy, creative practice, and communications in pursuit of a just and sustainable world.

The People Power Fund grows out of our longstanding commitment to build voice and power among those communities most impacted by injustices. In 2018, we planted the seed for the People Power Fund by supporting efforts to strengthen democracy and expand voter and civic participation across the United States. Over the course of several years, we have invested in a range of grassroots community organizing, movement-building, democratic reform, and storytelling projects.


Today our People Power Fund continues to evolve as it supports values-aligned collaboratives, movement partners, and community-based organizations in their bold public policy advocacy and collective action to transform democratic systems and co-create a future where all our voices have power—and our planet thrives. Given historic and ongoing philanthropic funding inequities, we partner primarily with Black, Indigenous, recent immigrant, and cross-racial movements who have long been on the frontlines of social justice struggles.


Our People Power Fund to date has primarily focused in the United States, with some cross-cutting, global strategic funding. We invest in the following areas:  

  • Movement infrastructure intermediaries to expand our reach and resource frontline organizations;  
  • Pooled funds to support shared learning across funders and grantee partners; 
  • Creative action, narrative change, and arts-based efforts;
  • Strengthening civil society and protecting social movements through organizing, policy advocacy, and caring for the wellbeing and sustainability of nonprofits and their people.


We advance work toward a shared vision of climate stability, community resilience, and reparations through the following funding areas:


Power Building and Community Organizing

We support efforts to center and expand the power and voice of frontline communities most impacted by the climate crisis.


Communications and Narrative Change

We believe in the importance of funding community-based organizations, advocacy groups, and creatives to shift culture and promote grassroots agency. (As one of many offerings towards this vision, please see the Flow Fund for Climate Justice).


Policy Advocacy

We support non-partisan activities to promote bold policy change and build grassroots political power, particularly among communities historically left behind and oppressed by political systems.


Unfortunately, due to our modest team capacity, we are unable to respond to unsolicited inquiries. We encourage you to explore opportunities with our funder partners, many of which are named above.



If you are interested in learning more about our strategy, grantee partners, or if you seek input on grantmaking strategy, please reach out to In consideration of the privacy concerns of some of our grantee partners, we don’t list grants online. If you’d like a sample list of partners in this program, please email



We regularly organize webinars and participate in events to uplift grantee partners, share our work, and learn from our colleagues inside and outside of philanthropy. You can find upcoming events on our News & Views page or sign up for our email list for updates.