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“Diversity of stimulation means novelty, and novelty means challenge to thought.”

- John Dewey,  Democracy and Education

Resilience & Renewal Program (R&R)

The Foundation's organizational development and technical assistance program includes support to select grantees through the Resilience & Renewal Program (R&R).


The core mission of R&R is to assist social change organizations to achieve their missions by strengthening and potentially transforming their organizations to a new level of development and impact. A parallel mission of the project is to guide the learning and development of participating foundation staff in the fundamentals of building organization capacity and how best to support grantees engaged in organizational development efforts.

R&R is an investment in grantees' lasting relevance and impact. The program provides resources and guidance to organizations to attain resilience –strength and vitality– and renewal – the transformation of an organization's capacity from one level to the next. R&R is founded on four elements that characterize successful capacity building:

  • A systems and learning perspective
  • A multi-year commitment
  • A bridge between grantmaking and capacity building and
  • Learning fueled by feedback

Participation in this process is by invitation only.